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About Us

Nostalgia Now is here to bring you the latest items in pop culture! Including alternative & pin up clothing, collectables and comics. 

Founded in 2015 by husband and wife team Dylan and Boleyn (Bo), we are passionate about our work and servicing the pop culture community.

Both former professional wrestlers, Dylan started collecting X-Men & Spider-Man comics as a child, while Bo started where so many others have before her - with a second hand copy of Watchmen.

Nostalgia Now started as a small store in a little arcade in Gosford, NSW. While loving the Coast and their awesome customers - Bo & Dylan wanted to try something new - to become Australia's first traveling Comic Book & Pinup store.

All products are available online (all comic sales include FREE bagging & boarding), but we wanted to have a physical presence and be amongst the people. Currently in the process of building the mobile store, which can be taken wherever we go, you can visit Nostalgia Now at a market near you. See the calendar for further details.

We've also created our own Superhero! Meet Penelope here.