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Wrestling Masks

Wrestling Face Masks Fit For A Heavyweight Champion

Don’t settle for being a mid-carder, go for the title shot with the Nostalgia Now online collection of wrestling masks. Whether for a costume party, a night at the wrestling, or just a fun time with your mates, we’ve got the perfect thing for you.

At Nostalgia Now, we’re passionate about our wrestling (having once upon a time been wrestlers ourselves), and we want as many as people as possible to get into what we think is one of the most entertaining nights out available. That’s why we offer our Lucha Libre masks for sale at some of the best prices in Australia, making it easy for you to show how much a fan you are when you’ve got front row seats. Take a look at our range and discover something great today.

Masks in every design

Whether you’re fan of Santo from way back or just can’t get enough Lucha Underground, Nostalgia Now can help you scratch that wrestling itch. Perfect for crowding around at a mate’s to catch the latest pay-per-view or just jazzing up a costume, our masks are available in a huge range of colours and designs. From famous wrestlers of yesteryear to novelties like demons, animals and superheros, there’s something for every occasion in our range. Make parties something special with our high-quality masks, made form durable, colourful material for the true lucha look.

From wrestling to superheroes & beyond

Whatever you’re interested in, there’s something to love at Nostalgia Now. From figurines and collectibles to alternative and vintage fashion to DC, Marvel and independent comics, we want to help more people discover their passion. Browse our range and discover something one of a kind today.

Place your order today for fast delivery anywhere in the country, or get in touch through Facebook or via email at to find out when you’ll be able to see us in person at one of Australia’s many pop culture and alt fashion events.

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