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BLOG: The best comics for kids!

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Comics for Kids

Are they good for development? They are! Okay, now… where on Earth do I start?!

Is your child a reluctant reader? Or has she/he been watching all of the DC & Marvel movies/TV shows and is interested in comics, but you are so overwhelmed by this weird & wonderful world that you don’t know where to start? Good news! We’re here to help!

Firstly, allow me to squash the stereotype categorising comics, graphic novels and Manga as inferior to the traditional novella style of writing. This is baloney!

Scholastic, the world’s largest publisher of children’s books, published an article highlighting the positive effects of using comics in the classroom and at home, drawing on expertise from teachers, doctors & librarians. The article states; comics motivate young reluctant readers, especially children with learning disabilities and can strengthen skills including, “inference, memory, sequencing, understanding succinct language, and reading comprehension.”
I must also stress, comics are not gender specific! Girls & boys alike equally enjoy this imaginative and sophisticated form of literature. If you’ve ever been to a comic convention, or lined up to see a Star Wars, Black Panther or Wonder Woman film, you will notice a plethora of young girls and women (who run this world?!), who are in attendance. Comic books are to be enjoyed by all!
For all you new Mumma’s & Papa’s new to this arena, allow me to explain the difference between a comic book, a graphic novel and Manga. A Comic Book is an ongoing story told over several issues, which is then (most times), compiled into a graphic novel. Graphic novel’s are often more complex and will give you a conclusion to a story (or at least an ending to a story arc; some graphic novels continue over many volumes). Manga is a Japanese comic book & graphic novel aimed at children & adults. We carry the English translated copies of Manga.
All comic books are classified with an Age Rating. DC & Marvel have slightly different signifiers for their system; for example DC stamp their kid friendly books with an ‘E’ for ‘Everyone’ and Marvel stamp their kid friendly books with ‘All Ages’. We’ve incorporated both systems on our site to make it easy for you and listed the ratings system below.  

ALL AGES & E– Appropriate for all ages/everyone
T– Appropriate for most readers, but parents are advised that they might want to read before or with younger children
T+ TEENS AND UP– Appropriate for teens 12 and above
PARENTAL ADVISORY/MAX: EXPLICIT CONTENT– 15+ years old featuring more mature themes and/or more graphic imagery. Recommended for adult readers

Now! Onto our recommendations; below you will find a list of recommended comic books & graphic novels aimed at specific age brackets.

Ages 2+

Super Powers Vol. 1

Rated E/All Ages.The language in this graphic novel is simple and the text is large enough for the earliest reader, any child will enjoy this adventure! For only $19.95, let them be taken to another world by Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman! 




Rated E/All Ages. Comic books aren’t just for superheroes! This is issue one of an ongoing Rugrats comic series. Publisher Kaboom teamed up with Nickelodeon to create this fun and tale into intrepid toddlers! Only $8.95

DC Superhero Girls

Rated E/All Ages. Comic book & an animated TV show, this is a great starter book for any young reader. It is the first-ever all ages graphic novel to include Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Katana, and Poison Ivy! Only $16.95

Batman/Teenage Mutant Turtle Adventures

Rated T. Batman meets TMNT!!! Does it get any better? Fans of either franchise will absolutely love this crossover. Available for $34.95


Regular Show: Wrasselplosion

Rated T. Another fun animated show turned comic book; Mortdecai & Rigby are ready to put on the greatest wrestling show the Park has ever seen! This goofy & fun graphic novel is just $29.95

Ages 11+

Quick tip to parents of pre-teens & teenagers… Anything Deadpool is Max Explicit Content! Unless he’s teamed up with Spider-Man, those crossover books usually drop the rating to T+

The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars Part 1

Rated T. Heavily influenced in style by Anime & Manga, ‘The Legend of Korra’ is a sequel to ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ and follows the story of Avatar Korra. The story is set in a universe where some characters can manipulate, or ‘bend’ the elements of water, earth, fire and/or air. Only one person, the ‘Avatar’, can bend all four elements. Available now for $19.95

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rated T. Adapting the events from the film, this graphic novel is beautifully illustrated and retells the story in a new powerful way. Intended for children, this book has been enjoyed across the galaxy. Available for $29.95

 The Legend of Wonder Woman Origins

Rated T. Find out where the legend of Wonder Woman begins! This book is a wonderful introduction to the powerful humanitarian & Amazonian that is Wonder Woman. A great read for all. Available for $29.95 

There are, of course, many more wonderful comics for kids, just visit Nostalgia Now to find more. And if you need any assistance looking for the perfect book for your child, niece, nephew, cousin, friend OR even for yourself – let us know! We are always happy to help.
Happy reading!

Bo xx

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