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BLOG: Our journey so far...

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Hi everyone,
Thought I’d launch our blog & review page with a reflection on the Nostalgia Now journey so far. We have only been in business a short two years, but already in that time we have come so far! Something we couldn’t have done without your love and support.

Dylan and I have been comic fans for a long time, it was one of the things we bonded over when we first met – that and wrestling. We were both working in industries we weren’t really all that passionate about and one day decided we were done being unhappy professionally. The aim was to build a business, which combined our love of comics, pinup fashion & wrestling, thus Nostalgia Now was born.
Shortly after establishing the business and leaving our jobs, we were surprised by something wholly unexpected – we fell pregnant. Great timing right! We’d been trying for years but had been unsuccessful, maybe the stress of corporate life and the dedication we gave to our careers got in the way.

You know the saying, in for a penny, in for a pound! We now had two babies, a small business and I was growing a human! As happy as we were, it threw a spanner into the works and held us back from building the business as originally planned.
There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure. – Colin Powell.
We opened our first store in a little arcade in Gosford, NSW in late 2015. I wrote we, I should say Dylan opened our first store. I was terribly sick during my first trimester and could barely get out of bed, leaving Dylan to do it all. He was amazing and did a fantastic job! He sourced a base of operations for us, stocked and fitted out the store all by himself (with assistance from our amazing family & friends), until our little one was born. Dylan ran the store and worked so hard and I credit all of our early success to him.

As much as we loved having our own little brick & mortar store, it came with a lot of problems. Every time it rained the store flooded, we had people trying to shoplift and foot traffic wasn’t great. We were also waiting on the local council to come through on promises to help the local business community & the community as a whole. These always fell through and ultimately our projections weren’t being met. We had to shut shop and move on.

We became a Pop Up store in a major shopping centre; it was so much fun and a lot of work! It fixed the foot traffic problem but boy was rent expensive. Not much assistance was given to local businesses trying to get their start.

Half way through our lease with the centre, we realised we needed to evolve into something completely different – something that could be flexible and didn’t eat up most of our takings. It is important for us to keep investing back into the business (there is still so much more we want to do!), and rent was just wasted money.
Sooooo, we redeveloped our website, invented our own superhero (Penelope), and built a mobile store. The Penelope Mobile! Now we focus on the online marketplace & the biggest events in the Rock ‘n’ Roll and Pop Culture scenes in the country. I have to say, we absolutely love going to these events, the Comic Con’s, Elvis Festivals & local carnivals! We meet the best people.

So that’s where we're at right now, but we have so much more planned. We've designed some original products which we're hoping to launch by the end of this year, so watch this space! Again, we couldn't have come this far without the steadfast and strong support we've had from you, our customer. Thank you and we hope to be serving the Pop Culture and Pinup community for quite some time.

Bo xxx

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